New Phytologist promoted our paper through a blog post - see more at New Phyt Blog

Weekendavisen (one of the largest Danish newspapers) brought a short note based upon our press release.

Ingeniøren (a weekly newspaper published by Danish Engineers) brought an extended feature based on the LGF1 paper - see more at Ingeniøren

New Phytologist also promoted out study at their Facebook site as well as via Twitter - see more at Facebook

Uniavisen (a UCPH newsletter in print) published a full page wrap-up of the reserach - see more at Uniavisen

The dissemination of our study was also greatly promoted by our own department through website and press releases

Landbrugsavisen (an output from the Danish Farmer's Association) had a very optimistic story on how the  discovery of LGF1 could possibly alleviate farmers' problems - see more at Landbrugsavisen

Although not directly related to the LGF1 paper, Max Herzog had this wonderful Danish paper in Aktuel Naturvidenskab, of course with cover photo!