• August K Dinsen Probiotics and salinity tolerance in rice (BSc)
  • Jesper Rauff Schultz Brownification of lobelia lakes in National Park Thy (MSc)
  • Louise Vikjær Bote - Ecophysiology of vegetation in lobelia lakes (BSc)
  • Maja S Pedersen - Probiotics and salinity tolerance in rice (BSc) 
  • Marco BK Kowinicki - Probiotics and salinity tolerance in rice (BSc)
  • Mikkel Madsen-Østerbye - Brownification of lobelia lakes (PhD)
  • Raheb Mahforouzi - Use of halophytes in desalination of irrigation water (PhD) 
  • Sune Ringsing Nielsen - Past and present vegetation in softwater lakes (MSc)
  • Søren Juul Gade - Root phytotoxins in natural wetland plants (MSc)

Oliver Mørk with his huge experimental set-up aimed at testing the effect of partial (versus complete or waterlooged) submergence in wheat.