Selected past student projects

  • Anders Skipper - Flood tolerance of ancient wheat cultivars (MSc); 2018
  • Jesper Rauff Schultz - Brownification of lobelia lakes in National Park Thy (MSc); 2018
  • Johan Emil Kjær  - Toxicity of organic acids and Fe in crops (BSc) (see this blog-post); 2018
  • Jonatan Lund Hansen Flood tolerance of spelt versus modern wheat (BSc); 2018
  • Mikkel Madsen-Østerbye - Brownification of lobelia lakes (PhD)
  • My Hemmeth Børjesen - Toxicity of organic acids  and Fe in crops (BSc) (see this blog-post); 2018
  • Oliver Mørk - Tolerance of wheat to partial submergence (MSc) (see this blog-post); 2018
  • Sune Ringsing Nielsen - Flood tolerance of chickpea (BSc); 2018

Sometimes our glass house area is completely occupied by plants that are part of exciting student projects. In this case, Anders Skipper had a large number of pots with wheat recovering from a waterlogging event.