Internal aeration in a kind of deepwater rice

Prof Ashikari and his group at the Nagoya University has produced a T65 (Taiwanese paddy rice) with a QTL from chromosome 12 in deepwater rice introgressed. The QTL codes for stem elongation but also for production of numerous adventitious roots that form upon partial submergence. The exciting plant produces two types of adventitious roots from the stem but their sources of oxygen are unknown. Hence, we brought microsensors of different types along with one of our MicroResp systems with us to Kiel where Chen Lin and Lucas Peralta are now working to identify the sources of oxygen. They use an elegant experimental approach where they manipulate oxygen composition in the stem pith (which is hollow and gas-filled so that molecular diffusion is fast) as well as in the surrounding floodwater.

Lucas is going to help Chen getting started with the measurements before he returns to Copenhagen later this week where other exciting experiments are waiting.

Chen Lin and Lucas Peralta_0624JPG
Chen Lin (PhD student at Kiel University) and Lucas Peralta are setting up one of the first experiments aimed at identifying the sources of oxygen for aquatic adventitious roots of "deepwater rice".