Field work in the tropical Western Australia where we deployed oxygen microsensor in seagrasses during extreme tide events.

The University of Western Australia and Prof Tim Colmer, in particular, is beyond comparison my most important international collaboration. The collaboration was initiated in August 2005 and since then we have coauthored more than 35 papers. I have visited UWA every year in October or November and sometimes more than once. UWA is highly attractive as it offers world class growth facilities (CERs, phytotrons, glasshouses and CT room). Together with Prof Colmer I have access to good collections of rice and wheat cultivars as well as wild relatives. Western Australia also offers a unique natural aquatic flora in wetlands and in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean.

I have been an adjunct at UWA since 2007, and I have visited Colmer's lab almost every year. However as of 2022, Prof Colmer has been appointed Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at UWA and therefore I am collaborating with other labs within the university.