Dan Liu is sitting in a forest of deepwater rice - or rather in forest of a near-isogenic line of Taichung 65 with a QTL (12) from deepwater rice.

Dan Liu is enrolled as PhD student at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany and funded by the China Scholarship Council. She is completing her PhD thesis work here at University of Copenhagen, where she joined our group in March 2023. Dan will visit us for at least two years since our lab is better sutied to support her thesis work.

Dan is going to continue her work on aquatic adventitious roots using deepwater rice or NIL-12 as model plant.

Dan has already two papers published from her short time in Kiel. One of them is a nice paper in New Phytologist, where we even got the cover - see this blog post. The paper is coauthored by Prof Sauter (deceased), Lucas and Chen, and it can be accessed from here.

The other publication is a book chapter that hopefully will be published later in 2023.