Dr Chen Lin is working as a postdoc in Prof Sauter's lab at Kiel University, Germany which is only 5 hours drive from Copenhagen. 

Dr Lin came to Copenhagen to receive training in microsensor measurements. Later, he borrowed a complete set-up and conducted a series of nice measurements on aquatic adventitious roots in NIL12, which is a near isogenic line of rice with a QTL inserted from deepwater rice (see the paper here). The study has already been published in Journal of Experimental Botany and we have another one coming.

Dr Lin has played a pivotal role in expanding my group in Copenhagen. He kindly assisted me in attracting highly qualified and motivated students from China. Currently, I have two PhD students funded by China Scholarship Council (Zhiwei Song and Shuai Tong) and there is no way I could have established the contact without Dr Lin's support in the process.

More recently, Dr Lin has served in the assesment committe for the status seminar of Lucas Peralta and the start-up seminar of Tong.

See Dr Lin's profile at Researchgate.

Dr Lin is taking his first ever oxygen measurements inside the root of a young rice plant during his training vist to my lab in Copenhagen.