Max is an important anchorperson in our Danida-funded Climate-smart African rice where he makes sure that we all stay on track regarding our many important deliverables.

Max has already worked with me for several years as he did his BSc, MSc and also his PhD with me as a supervisor. He has been out-of-science for a brief period of time where he taught in different high schools but now he is back!

In addition to coordinating our Climate-smart African rice project, he also supervises students and takes a bit of the teaching load off my shoulders while I am acting as Deputy Head of Department.

Max is currently working on a great review where he has compiled data on tissue oxygen status in more than 100 plants species and carried out a number of exciting meta-analyses on this data. Surprisingly, there are no such reviews available in the literature and we are looking forward to see how this will be received by the scientific community. Max is also involved in another review with Elisa Pellegrini and already during his PhD he wrote up a prestigious review for Plant, Cell & Environment; needless to say that Max is an excellent writer.

Progress in Max' research is regularly reported on my blog, on Twitter @ole_flooding or on our Department's official website where Max has his own profile.