Elisa is growing a variety of plant species that she screens for a root barrier to radial oxygen loss. These are accesseions of Hordeum marinum that was kindly provided by Prof. Tim Colmer at the University of Western Australia.

Elisa Pellegrini has been granted an EU Marie Curie fellowship to work 2 years with me here in Copenhagen. Elisa has a PhD degree from the University of Udine in Italy and she visited my lab already during her PhD to work with oxygen microsensor on halophytes from Northern Italy.

Elisa is focusing on the root barrier to radial oxygen loss and its role in iron plaque formation and vice versa, i.e. the role of iron plaques on radial oxygen loss. She has recently succeeded in constructing her first 2D planar O2 optode after a training visit to Prof. Glud’s lab in SDU, Odense, and this a powerful technology that I am very happy to adopt here in Copenhagen.

Progress in Elisa’s research is regularly reported on my blog, on Twitter @ole_flooding or on our Department's official website where Elisa has her own profile.

Moreover, Elisa is maintaining a great website; visit https://plant-and-soil.com/