Lucas León Peralta Ogorek has now successfully defended his PhD

Lucas León Peralta Ogorek has now successfully defended his PhD

Lucas arrived in April 2019 and had a bit less than one year to work unhindered in the lab before the Covid lock-downs. In the final assessment of his thesis, the committee stated that “We recognize that this piece of work has been completed in a highly satisfactory manner despite Covid lock-downs, which had a serious effect on his experimental work on plants.”

Already in 2021, Lucas published his first output from his thesis work in the prestigious New Phytologist (check it out). Also here, I cannot resist the temptation to cite the assessment committee “This is an outstanding paper, which we predict will have impact on this field.” I could not agree more, and I strongly believe that his discovery of the fact that the root barrier to radial oxygen loss also restricts radial water loss will be a game-changer in drought research.

However, his thesis also contains two manuscripts that are almost ready for submission to highly ranked journals. Therefore, I predict that Lucas is going to fulfil his dream of a career in academia following a period of postdoctoral research in a famous international laboratory.

With this, I would also like to thank the assessment committee consisting of David B Collinge (chair) from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences her at UCPH, Dennis Konnerup from Aarhus University, Denmark, and Eric Visser from Radboud University in the Netherlands. Your hard work assessing Lucas’ work is much appreciated.

For those of you interested, Lucas’ oral presentation is available from this link taking you to Youtube.

Lucas PhD thesisJPG
The cover of Lucas’ PhD thesis. The report contained a comprehensive introduction to the field of research followed by three papers (one already published in New Phytologist), a discussion placing his research in context of current knowledge and an appendix containing an output from a collaboration with Shuai Tong and Johan Emil Kjær on responses to soil flooding by species of wild rice.