New LED growth light in our glasshouse

We have finally completed the process of installing modern light fixtures in our glasshouse, which is located on the fourth floor in our building. The light fixtures are produced by the Finnish company Valoya, a company that is world-leading in professional light solutions for plant production purposes. We are grateful to the management of our Department who funded the upgrade under the infrastructure investment scheme; without this support, we would not have been able to install artificial light in the glasshouse. In the Danish winter, artificial light makes it possible to maintain cultures of natural wetlands plants or crops, which are used for both teaching and research purposes.

The photo shows the flexible light fixtures where four units of Valoya BX120 are mounted on a rack, which can be regulated vertically above the tables or containers holding the plants. The light can be dimmed from a central control panel and timers are furthermore mounted to enable individual control above each table.

Rice in glass houseJPG

A happy winter culture of Oryza longistaminata. This culture is now growing much better due to the new light fixtures provide LED light 16 h per day.