New Leica virbrating microtome

New Leica virbrating microtome

We have always struggled to make good hand sections in our group, but last year I decided to apply for funding at the Carlsberg Foundation for a Leica vibrating microtome. We were granted 173,000 DKK and today the company, Triolab, came to set it up and to train Lucas.

Lucas has been nominated as super user and he has now received special training. He claims that it does not seem that hard and I am sure that both Song and Tong are looking forward to get started. We are making plenty of x-section of periodic acid staining (our diagnostic test of an apoplastic barrier in the exodermis) and this work will be so much easier in the future - and importantly also of much higher quality.

Thank you to the Carlsberg Foundation for granting the money!


Our Leica VT1200S vibrating microtome that enables us to cut great x-section of fresh roots and other soft tissues. We have to embed the tissue in agar but this is done in less than 10 min and then the machine starts cutting. Every x-section is of perfect quality!