Research visit to Nagoya University

I had been visiting Nagoya University over the past 4 year starting with a collaboration facilitated by Professor Ashikari, the famous geneticist who discovered the SNORKEL genes in deepwater rice. Together with Prof Ashikari and his group, we recently published the discovery of the LGF1 gene in rice responsible for the characteristic superhydrophobic leaf cuticles. But we had other exciting data that we just need to write up - this time on elongation responses to submergence and internal aeration in deepwater rice.

Last year, I started working with Prof Nakazono on a teosinte and maize project but already earlier this year, we published an invited UPDATE in Plant Physiology (see publications). We also had data from the UWA research collaboration grant so we had enough to do!

Fortunately, there was tine for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which we all enjoyed. Thank you, Prof Takanada, for organizing this experience for us.

Tea ceremony at Nagoya Universityjpg