Several students have now graduated!

2 MSc and 4 BSc students have successfully defended their thesis work. Sune Ringsing carried out most of his experimental work at the University of Western Australia (UWA) with co-supervision from Prof Colmer and Dr Kotula. He worked on respiration of chickpea seedling roots as part of research project with partners from India and Australia. Sune brought our Unisense MicroResp equipment to UWA and worked with root segments of genotypes that had been previously described as tolerant or intolerant to anoxia.

 Anders Skipper, Jonatan Hansen, My Børjesen, Johan Kjær and Oliver Mørk all worked on aspects of flooding tolerance of wheat as part of the WheatSUB project funded by the Villum Foundation. Oliver assessed the tolerance of wheat to waterlogging, partial submergence and complete submergence (see previous blog post) and Anders worked with flood tolerance of wild relatives to wheat and ancient wheat types. Jonatan, Johan and My all worked with soil phytotoxins (iron and organic acids that are produced in waterlogged soils) and assessed impact of these phytotoxins on root extension, root respiration and translocation of iron to the shoot with resulting in toxicity effects at the shoot level.

 CONGRATS to all of you! It has been a pleasure working with you all.