Strong professional network has emerged from visit to CIAT

Strong professional network has emerged from visit to CIAT

Zhiwei Song’s visit to Colombia is coming to an end, and therefore this is his last report on his exciting work at CIAT. Song says:

As the clock ticks away, my four-month fellowship at CIAT is drawing to a close. Reflecting on this transformative experience in Colombia, I'm filled with gratitude for the knowledge gained, friendships made, and the memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
During my time at CIAT, I grew various rice cultivars and Oryza longistaminata in the field, something that I cannot do back in Copenhagen. The hands-on experience has not only broadened my understanding of agriculture but has also left an unforgettable mark on my personal and professional growth.

On the 24th of November, the eleven Carbon Sequestration Fellows engaged in a dynamic 7-minute poster presentation, and I took the opportunity to share the preliminary results of my project at CIAT. The exploration led to an exciting discovery — the formation of the outer apoplastic barrier in field-grown rice roots is intricately linked to the ecotype of rice. While I can't unveil the poster due to its unpublished and internal nature, I'm optimistic about its potential publication in a scientific journal, contributing to the greater body of knowledge.

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of my CIAT experience, and a particularly rewarding partnership unfolded with Juan de la Cruz Jimenez Serna. Our joint experiments, initiated upon Juan's arrival in Cali on the 10th of November, focused on measuring microrespiration for 11 rice genotypes and forage grasses. From root tips to the basal and lateral roots, we meticulously conducted our research with four replicates of each genotype.

The journey may be ending, but the memories and lessons will endure, shaping my path forward.

I am doing poster presentation in CIAT.

The nine Carbon Sequestration Fellows in CITA, Colombia (another two in Africa).

The microrespiration experiment setup for rice and forage grass roots in CIAT.