Thank you for your contribution to our work and social life!

Thank you for your contribution to our work and social life!

Elisa’s visit to my group her in Copenhagen has been tremendously productive and in my absence (struggling with administration at the department level), she has acted as the glue among the group members. She has supervised students, taught at our flagship course, Freshwater Ecology, with excellent evaluation by the students, hosted international visitors, establish collaborations at the University of Southern Denmark as well as at the University of Aarhus – and done all her own research as well!

Many of the ideas in her ROLLBAR proposal turned up not to be feasible as a result of the Corona lock-downs but alternative ideas always popped up and thus, she had data for at least four papers in her suitcase when she left. An idea that turned out to be very productive – and feasible under the lock-down – was the work with ‘artificial roots’. It was hard for us to come in and maintain plant cultures but then we started using ultra-thin silicone tubes as a model for O2 permeable roots of wetland plants. There is no way that Elisa could have conducted so many combination of treatments with real roots, and the artificial roots enabled her to identify relevant pH, salinity and iron concentrations for her studies on root plaques formation.

Back home at the University of Udine, Elisa is paid by a ‘women in science’ grant and I hope that she will be able to write up some of the exciting stuff that she managed to do here in Copenhagen. However, she also has to write grant proposals and get new ideas every six months – life is truly hard for an early career scientist. Follow Elisa's progress on

BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE from all of us here in Copenhagen – also from Anja!

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Elisa’s visit has fun but also productive. We will all be missing her and hope that we will be able to stay in touch. In fact, the University of Udine is not that far away…