Use of microsensors in plant science

Occasionally, I organize informal training workshops here in Copenhagen for early career scientists who are interested in using microsensors as tools in their research. Over the past two weeks, Chen Lin has been visiting from Sauter’s lab in Kiel and we have been busy with measuring oxygen in adventitious roots of young deepwater rice. Chen’s visit was well planned since Lucas has recently commenced his PhD and needed to learn some of these techniques as well. I believe the workshop has been well worth the traveling from Germany to Denmark and I truly hope that this will prove to the beginning of a new and exciting collaboration with Prof Sauter and her staff.

We have kept the leftover plants for Lucas to play with over the coming weeks since the main part of culturing the young rice plants has already been done. I think Lucas will test if it is possible to measure respiration of these roots with our MicroResp set-up even if the roots have now formed a barrier to radial oxygen loss. More about this at a later post…

Chen Lin and Lucas Peralta_0308JPG
Chen is positioning one of his fist microsensors in the roots of deepwater rice while Lucas is watching.