We are growing rice for experiments

The first two weeks at UWA have almost gone. I have been writing up papers with Prof Colmer but also started up a nice little hydroponic culture of rice so that it is ready for Dennis' arrival next week. Dennis is going to finish the experiments that we started in April but we soon ran out of time and had to postpone the final characterization till November. I have bought the Unisense MicroResp set-up with me to Australia and now Dennis will make good use of it once the roots are ready.

Rice hydroponics 1 by Ole Pedersenjpg
Four little rice seedlings growing in a 5L pot with nutrient solution. The seeds germinated only a week ago and they seem to do just fine!

Rice hydroponics 2 by Ole Pedersenjpg
The delicate young roots look healthy but the plants have not yet started to grow the big fat adventitious roots that we need for the experiments which we have planned.