• Christopher JohnsonMechanisms of seagrass die-back in Florida Bay (PhD)
  • Christopher Steiness - aerobic and anerobic catabolism in roots (PUK)
  • Johan Emil Kjær - Root barriers to radial oxygen in loss in wild rice (MSc)
  • Lucas Peralta - Root barriers to radial oxygen loss (PhD)
  • Raheb Mahforouzi - Use of halophytes in desalination of irrigation water (PhD) 
  • Shuai TongFlood tolerance in wild relatives of Oryza (PhD)
  • Zhiwei SongRegulation of root adaptive traits during low soil oxygen (PhD)

Oliver Mørk with his huge experimental set-up aimed at testing the effect of partial (versus complete or waterlooged) submergence in wheat.

Daan Weits is working with the world's smallest oxygen microsensor. It was custom-built by Unisense to assess the oxygen partial pressure inside the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis seedlings.